Start with the most important functions and expand the system later. With this proven approach, you protect your investment without the scalability of Magento to affect.

Check out our Demo shop on. Here is the access to the Admin area. User: Magento2 Password: Magento2 test

All changes to this demo shop are reset daily at 2 a.m.

Strategy, concept and design  
Advice and development of an online strategy included
Target group analysis and advice included
Product analysis and advice included
design and design concept on a template basis according to Demo shop
Color matching and logo integration included
Installation and configuration Magento 2.X  
Complete installation included 
Multilingualism (E, D, F, I, others on request) included
Internationalization, currencies, VAT, countries included 
Catalog functions   
Start page concept with teaser, novelties, updates acc. Demo template included 
Navigations, dropdown, static included
List view with any sorting, dynamic reloading included 
Detailed view with picture gallery, videos and file downloads included
Warehouse info included
simple, grouped and configurable products included
Bundle of products for sets included
downloadable products for software, images etc. included
virtual products for items without shipping such as courses, travel etc. included
Search with car show, advanced search with filter navigation included 
Wish list, wish list included
Compare items included
any attributes such as sizes, colors, variants etc. included 
recently viewed products included
Sales support functions  
Customers who bought this also have ... included
Links to cross-selling, upselling, accessories included
dynamic linking of similar products included
Product rating included
Facebook, Google+ «share» articles included
Home page with teasers, news, promotions, etc. included
Coupons, price rules, discounts, etc. included
Graduated prices included
Payment and logistics  
Pro-forma invoice included
Cash on delivery including fees included
Cash payment when picked up in selected branch included
Credit cards, Postcard on demand
Shipping cost calculation based on weight, number of items, total amount, place of delivery included
Order and customer login  
Creation of invoices, delivery notes and credit notes included 
Transaction emails for order confirmation, delivery status, credit notes included
Custom pricing included
Customer login with order overview, order status, address book included 
Transaction emails for customer account, forgot password included
further services  
Google Analytics, Google Sitemap included
Design of invoice and delivery note templates at cost 
Design of transaction mail at cost 
Basic functions training Magento at cost
Activation and setup hosting included
Monitoring and surveillance at cost
Product import from an existing shop solution or Excel at cost
Bonus program / points system at cost
Interface to merchandise management system at cost

Total CHF



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