New features in WordPress 4.6 will help you to focus on the important things, while you may feel more like ‘home’.
Lean updates
lose no more space: you can stay on the same page while you update, install new plugins or delete plugins and themes.
Native fonts
The WordPress Dashboard now uses the fonts that you already have, so they load faster.
Editor improvements
Inline link checker
Now WordPress checks automatically unintentionally created links.
Content Recovery
As you type WordPress stores your content in the browser. To restore saved content is even easier with WordPress 4.6.
Under the Hood Resources Notes
Resources Hints help the browser to identify which resources need to be pre-fetched and preprocessed. WordPress 4.6 then adds these styles and scripts automatically in order to make your website even faster.
Translations On Demand
WordPress will automatically install and apply the latest translations of your plugins and themes as soon as they are available on
Multi-site, now faster than ever
cached site requests to improve massively the performance.